Eurosfat & Black Sea-Danube Social-Economic Innovation Forum
April 22, 2015

At the end of May LDI was invited to participate in Bucharest on two important events related with regional development and EU affairs and International Relations.
First event attended was Black Sea-Danube Social-Economic Innovation Forum, organized by House of Europe, at Parliament House, where were presented many authorities, Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, representatives of European Commission, representatives of Land Baden W├╝rttemberg, romanian parliamentarians or mayors. The discussion was about opportunities for collaborative projects on the Danube in 2014-2020, the START program. LDI stress the importance of bottom-up approach in the project development and strength the importance of public authorithies support in the finance sector for civil society.
The second event, the next day was Eurosftat, which reached the 3th edition this year. EUROSFAT is the annual forum of European debate is taking place in Romania since 2013. The aim of the event is to bring together politicians, representatives of civil society and business, experts and citizens to debate on the most important topics on the european agenda, thus facilitating positioning of Romanian actors in the EU. During the event LDI established contacts with future possible partners from Moldova and attended to an interesting presentation from UNDP Bosnia about the importance of gras-roots community projects, made in collaboration between public administration and civil society actors.