About us

The process of local/regional development is a complex process which involves a multidisciplinary approach. Different factors, economic, cultural, socio-political, have a deep impact on local development. In order that local development to be successful, all this factors should “glue” together the community.

Through an integrated and holistic approach our organization performs innovative actions which constitute the engine of local and regional development at European and international level. These actions are based on the Principle of subsidiarity, multi-level governance and bottom-up approach.

The LDI is sensitive to international development goals but also to cohesion policy of European Union. Both policies are encouraging the fight against poverty and have the objective of reducing disparities and inequalities between developed regions and less developed regions. Sustainable development and multi-level governance are principles of UN and EU and LDI believes that only from a collaborative bottom-up approach the development issues could be resolved. Our motto is “Think Global, Act Local”